Website Overhaul

Welcome to the new Mad House Minis website.  You’ll notice it being refined over the next few weeks, but we wanted to roll it out with the New Year.  And on that note:  Happy New Year!

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Yellow/Green Moke Repaint

We are doing a complete repaint and color change just like on the Portuguese Moke.. this is a Australian Moke and has larger 13″ wheels. It has lots of detail differences. It is sort of a half step from the English Moke we have done in the past to the more modern Portuguese version.

This Moke is a 1980 built in Australia. we are going to fix some minor rust. there are several dents and stress cracks from the mounting of a roll bar. This rebuilt will include detailed description of the engine and gearbox rebuild.

dent in extension by rear wheel
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Grass Fed Beef

I am going to feature photos of the beef cattle I have been running this year and update future herd changes. I will soon be getting Eddie the bull. Eddie is a Hereford bull who is about 18 months old. I hope that this young lad will get his job done. I have 4 girls awaiting his arrival in early march. Of My ladies 3 are Hereford cattle and the boss cow is Gracie a Simangus cow who has a young calf by her side called Bangsey. In addition to the Herefords ..I will have Holstein steers that are bottle feed and weaned and un-weaned available for sale at all times of the year starting this spring.

eating 12-14-09
fish eye view or earache
fish eye photo of Gracie
eddie the bull
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Series Land Rover Project

here you see the doner cars. We will soon have a new frame and many body panels to breath life back in to another British Classic. This time it is a series landrover. It will be a complete build form the ground up. I am fortunate to have 4 parts cars to start with. I will be adding more details soon.

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William’s Moke

We are doing a complete repaint and color change on this Portuguese Moke.. This will be a real fun project with a engine upgrade in the works as well.

subframe coming together
another angle of the subframe
konis installed in the rear
engine installed on subframe
bella with engine
pedals…… and shifter
engine in in the moke at last..
master cylinders in place

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Herman’s 1963

This will be a fun project. this is Herman’s (Pologround) 1963 Morris mini 850. we will be adding a lot of cool features as well as restoring the body work to its former glory. As you can see from the photos that this is a solid car with typical mini rust. It is a worst then it looks. we found quite a bit of rust in the a pillars and scuttle areas and it needs sills on both sides.

We will be installing a 1275 metro engine, a right hand tank and upgrading the brakes to cooper S spec. and replacing the rear subframe.

keep your eyes on this page for frequent updates . I will shortly be adding a few photos of the trip to collect the mini in VA.

New photos 9-6-07 sandblasting and paint removal link

new updates as of 1-3-08 we are finally working in the new shop. here are some shots of the nose being installed and the rear valance being installed. The early cars had a different rear valance support then the later type being made by heritage We lucked out that the valance was bad but the support was in good shape link

New updates with photos of freshly painted shell   link

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MGB suspension

Ok so today we have for you a fully redone MGB suspension. Not only did we re do the suspension but we also upgraded the carburetor. Below we have some pictures. But the image of the carburetor is before the k and n air filter was installed. This car is guaranteed quiet a better ride. I really love these MGBs i’ve been working on as of lately.

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Multipoint Injection

A multipoint injection to a carburetor????? I don’t think so!!!!!!

an attempted multi point injection ended with poor results. multipoint injection cars (mpi) are computer controlled. there’s no provision for distributor or adjusting timing without the ECU. also, there’s no place to put a distributor. Note the burnt spark plug wires as well as clipped wires go into nothing. is this a bodge or what. This baby ran but just barely. she had  major running problems and wouldn’t start with out eather (a starting tool). I think all of this mini bodgery is quite comical and genius. but I, myself prefer to fix these things correctly the first time. Here at madhouse, when we things its meant to stay fixed. That’s why we whe fix things right.

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Pabbi’s new floor

oh geese was this a project or what. the floor was so rusted out I had to completely take the entire thing. then replace it with brand new floor panel. We had to put braces in so it would keep its shape while I redid the floor. I think I did a pretty darn good job. and I hope Pabbi is happy with this.

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Targa Newfoundland mini racer

Look out betty, we’re coming for you. This year we’re building a souped up mini for the targa Newfoundland race. This will include a seven port “AKM” style race head, MED 1430 sprint engine and  a full race suspension. All of this built into a fully restored 1960 body with full six point roll cage. To say it simply, our car this year is going to be beast. more pictures will be coming.

Here’s a link to the races page.

Her are a few shots of the shell on the rotisserie after some sandblasting to expose the seams prior to seam welding the shell to add stiffness as per the 60′s BMC rally cars.

Below is a update as of 3-28-08

Look for a lot of action on this page over the next few weeks. I have made lot of progress on this project and will have a lot of new photos to upload in the next couple of weeks.

floor pan replacment
begining of steel flip front
corner piece for the bonnet pins
bonnet fitted
underside of new flip front with beginning of inner wings
more front end
inner wings starting to take shape
forming of inner wings
flip front part way up
front angle

of floor sections

boot floor mods for fule cell

from the bottom

Bella the new guard dog..
Toe area with new lip.
toe area with lip
rod change shifter mount salvaged from clubman shell
boot area
wheel arch after seam welding
boot area seam welding
inner rear wing seam welding
seam welding on “B” piller
roll cage mount welded in
sill repair
seam welded front shock area
flip front mounted
inner wing flip front captive nuts welded in
underside of fuel cell bump out of boot
fule cell mod
inside boot
Gusset for shock left side
gusset on right side of shock tower
Fule cell installed
inside boot
more boot photo
Roll Cage test Fit
snowberry white
fire wall
scuttle panel
left rear quarter
front view
3/4 view
side view
more beam axel
crummy lighting
rear radius arm
rear radius arm
rear beam axel
floor shoot
rear cage and door
roll cage rear hoop and floor support
roll cage hoop
roll cage mount
rear shock mounted
rear shock mounted
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